How to play Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a fast and dynamic team sport. The objective of the game is to catch the disc in the opposing team’s endzone. It can be played on grass, on the beach or in an indoor hall. Ultimate frisbee also has a strong focus on fair play and sportsmanship. As a result, Ultimate has a really welcoming and open community.

No referee

Ultimate is a non-contact sport, which means that players try to avoid contact with each other. There is no referee. All players should know the rules and play fairly. This sportsmanship is what we call ‘Spirit of the Game’. Every team gives the opposing team a spirit score between 0 and 20 after the game. At tournaments and competition, the team with the highest total spirit score is granted the spirit prize.

basic rules

An outdoor team consists of seven players on the field.

You are not allowed to run/walk with the disc in your hand.

You score points by catching the disc in the “endzone” (similar to a touchdown).

You are not allowed to hold the disc for more than ten seconds.

When the frisbee gets intercepted or hits the ground, the defending team becomes the offending team.

The game ends when a team scores their 15th point, or the 70-minute playing time runs out.

For more detailed rules check this WFDF page.  


Outdoor is the most played version of Ultimate, played 7 on 7. Due to the size of the field (100x37m) the throwing and running distances are a lot greater compared to indoor and beach.


The best part of indoor is the lack of wind. This means crazy throws and an even less predictable game. We play 5 on 5 on a smaller field, which makes it way more fast-paced.


When the weather is nice and warm, beach is the way to go. The sand makes it easier to dive for the disc, but you do have to beat the wind with good throws. After a hard-fought game, UTKA doesn’t shy away from a nice swim in the sea!