D.I.S.C. is our social committee, which organises fun monthly activities. While people will meet up naturally to throw in the park or go climbing together, D.I.S.C. creates larger and more organised events. Think of a cycling dinner, secret Santa, beer tasting or bowling!

Do you have questions about D.I.S.C.? Feel free to contact your fellow ducky Matilde +351 916 888 705.


The UTKAMP committee is in charge of our yearly camping trip UTKAMP! During this two-day event, we play a lot of games and have a fun party. The committee makes sure we are stocked up on food and drinks and prepares a filled-out program throughout the day full of sports and games. Each year there is a theme so there is also a lot of room for creativity!

Intro committee

The intro committee makes sure we are represented at the UIT market and other introduction events. As part of this committee, you make sure that the new members feel welcome and have a good time as they attend the first socials and parties of our association. It’s also a quite new committee, so if you are interested in paving the way for future intro committees you have the opportunity!

Promo committee

The promotion committee is the creative committee, which also manages our social media channels. This means there is a lot of freedom in what the promotion committee can do, for example creating a yearbook, or promotional videos and posters. What this creative project will be, is up to the committee and will be decided when the committee is created.

Newsletter committee

The newsletter committee manages our weekly newsletter. This includes writing or asking other members to write stories, coming up with fun columns or story ideas, creating and selecting pictures, and everything else that is part of creating a fun-to-read newsletter.

Curious about our amazing newsletter? Reach out to Sigrid, your fellow ducky, with any questions +31 6 42644687.

Frozen cherries

Frozen cherries is our two-day tournament, where we invite a bunch of European teams to join us and play ultimate in Utrecht. The Frozen cherries committee is in charge of organising this tournament and making sure it runs smoothly. The committee consists of two parts, the board and the crew. The board is in charge of the more serious logistical issues like making sure everyone has a place to sleep, while the crew can focus on smaller organisational problems and the creative aspect of the tournament. Even if you are not ready for the responsibility of being part of the frozen cherries board, being part of the crew is a lot of fun and extremely fulfilling.